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Stefan Lücking 2020 Since studying theology and sociology in Tübingen, Rome and Frankfurt on Main, both fields of study have left their mark on my professional career.

As theologian I focused on biblical studies using my knowledge in sociology to shed new light on the literary style and the socio-historical background of the New Testament. From 1996 to 2002 I worked on these topics as research assistant at the University of Münster.

As sociologist I specialised in industrial relations in Germany and Europe focusing on situations where employees have difficulties to enforce their rights.

Starting with my studies in Rome and further developed through empirical research in France international comparative research and a European perspective have become very important for me. As a member of the EU-level team of the network of correspondents for Eurofound’s information reporting services from 2006 to 2010 I have developed an intimate understanding of European industrial relations.

In my spare time I play guitar singing chansons, Bossa Nova, folk songs, and jazz standards. Since 1996 I’m on tour in Germany and Europe with the folk band Pont neuf.



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