English WordPerfect Macros (2001)


In 2001 I offered an English translation of my WordPerfect Macro Collection. I wrote these macros in WordPerfect 8 but I’ve tested them successfully in WordPerfect 9 and 10. However I don’t know if they work in more recent versions of WordPerfect.

The file wp8win-macros-en.zip [39,75 kB] contains the following macros:

Search and replace font attributes like underline, bold and italics.
This macro allows you to create a list with bullets or numbers that is not defined as outline.
This is useful if you want to insert a bullet or numbered list without changing the outline style. If you have e.g. a numbered document outline you can insert a bullet list without changing outline numbers.
This macro lets you retrieve styles from a template file.
You can either reset styles to the settings of the default template or to those of the template used to create the document. In addition you have the possibility to retrieve styles from any other template or document.
Saves the document without undo information. This will reduce file size and might be useful for privacy considerations.
Displays a menu with relative font sizes (small, large etc.) and font positions (superscript, subscript).
This will be faster than choosing relative sizes and positions from the font dialogue.
Shows a simple dialog box to set letter spacing.
Shows a dialog box which helps you to select a type of typographic quotation marks.

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